Friday, November 2, 2012

What is this "Blog" of Which You Speak?

So a random topic I think about from time to time, and which is best discussed during a month when I have to come up with a blog post every day: what is this blog about? What purpose does it play? Who is its audience? (Navel-gazing at its finest, I know.)

What this blog is: I actually think of this blog as a (semi)public extension of my journal. I share random thoughts and experiences that aren't that personal but which aren't generally interesting enough (or too long, or too whatever) to share with all of my friends on facebook.

What this blog does: The posts here often help me tease out a bit more of what I think about the gospel, feminism, politics, math, the internet, homosexuality, and other crazy stuff that sometimes goes through my head. I enjoy being able to go back and read my thoughts from a long time ago, and it's nice to have them organized and labeled (I love labeling posts! I wish I could do that for my real journal!) and even with a few comments sometimes.

As for who the audience is: good question. I kind of count on a self-selecting pool of people who actually care about the random musings of my mind to be the only people who see it, thus I can post stuff that's a little bit more "controversial" or weird without having to worry about moms from my home ward reading it. I have a link to here from my facebook page, but I don't think many people ever follow it. And then through word of mouth or google searches, I've got a number of people who I don't know who read and/or occasionally comment on posts. I sort of have a pet peeve of people who post a link on their facebook page every. single. time. they write something on their blog--if I wanted to read your blog, I'd be subscribed to it!--and so I generally don't "promote" my posts, preferring to let readership grow (or stagnate, as the case may be) organically. I think the primary audience is still myself, but I do love comments from the small circle of people who read, too.

So that's what I use my blog for and who I think I'm writing to. That last question (re: audience) is fascinating to me. If you have a blog, who do you have in mind when you write? And if you're a mom from my home ward, welcome! :)


  1. I really enjoy your blog. I am glad I found it. You have interesting things to say and I count you an ally for the gay-Mormon community. Thank you. :)

    I have a blog. When I write, I usually am trying to get stuff off my mind. Sometimes, I have a specific audience in mind, most times, not even. I have a very small readership and that is how I like it. Someone posted my blog address on facebook, so my stats skyrocketed. I made fun of the situation on my blog, I got my message out to whomever was causing the trouble, and life went on. Really, what are you going to do? ;)

    And, I am NOT a mom from your home ward. I am not even sure I know where you live. Oh, I think I remember reading a talk you posted in the summer that said you are in Virginia? Is that right?

    Anyway, happy night. I am glad you are doing the month of blogging. I look forward to reading your posts. Duck

  2. Duck, glad you found me too. I'm proud to be an ally of the gay-Mormon community!

    Ha, I'll have to keep the "public shaming" nuclear option in my back pocket for if somebody is mean enough to start driving facebook traffic to my blog! :)

    And yes, the Old Dominion it is. Lovely commonwealth here!

  3. I am glad I could give you a nuclear option to take care of facebook traffic. :) You crack me up. Thank you for making me laugh- I needed that. I have had a tough few days dealing with a family member who LOVES to make life difficult for everyone around her.

    May I ask what you do in Virginia?

    (I am in Utah. I teach Jr. High math.)

    Remember: tomorrow is the end of daylight savings time. You get an extra hour of sleep! Happy day, Duck

  4. Ah, family drama. TW. (That's short for "the worst." I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who uses that abbreviation.)

    I'm in law school at the University of Virginia right now. I love math! Good on ya for teaching it to the rising generation!

    And huzzah for extra sleep!