Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thoughts for a Sunday blog post

Sometimes you just want to quote other people. For a Sunday thought I'll share the words of a wonderful, wise, and loving woman, Margaret Blair Young. She wrote a lovely post about the temple (and family, and sisterhood, and love, and other great stuff) and this paragraph in particular stood out to me:

"Yesterday, as I attended prayer meeting in the temple, the matron said, 'Smile at your sisters. You never know what burdens they are bringing here.' Indeed. So often, I have seen couples holding each other and weeping in the Celestial Room, or single patrons clearly in prayer, tears streaking their cheeks. We don’t ask what’s wrong. They have not come to hold conversation with temple workers, but with God. We can provide kleenex, though."

I often think of the line from the hymn Lord I Would Follow Thee: "In the quiet heart is hidden / sorrow that the eye can't see." I think the above quote exemplifies that thought well.

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