Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's politics-nerd Christmas!

I'm super excited about the election results tonight. It really is like Christmas for politics nerds, among whose ranks I confess I belong. Beyond the obvious president's race, I'm also excited to see how the three states with marriage equality ballot initiatives will turn out. Not to mention the Senate and House races, marijuana legalization in Colorado, and tons of other stuff. Which way will it all go?? GAH!

I'm following twitter, CNN, the New York Times, NPR, C-SPAN, and probably other random websites and sources. I'm also jealous I can't be at Molly Mormon Democrat's election night party! What are (or were) you doing to celebrate?

My hope is that if Obama doesn't win, at least we can get a tie in the electoral college and have Biden stay VP. That would just be awesome. Also, Paul Ryan scares me way more than Romney.

I just really hope it doesn't drag out past the morning...


  1. Yes, you are missing pumpkin soup, coconut cake, and a bunch of Republicans. I'm excited!!! What are your predictions?

  2. I'm thinking Obama wins. The outcomes are pretty clearly tracking what the polls predicted; Romney's only real hope was that they were based on bad data. Also, Elizabeth Warren, woot!