Friday, November 9, 2012

Ice Cream for Jess

Don't worry--I'm not eating it all in one sitting. I hope...
Right now I'm eating ice cream in honor of Jessica Wilson's birthday today. She served with me as a Mormon missionary in Estonia back in 2005/2006 (though she learned Russian, not Estonian). She was tragically killed on the BYU campus in 2010 in a hit-and-run accident while she crossed the street near the bell tower. Every year on her birthday, her friends and family across the country grab a little ice cream--one of her favorite foods--to remember her in a small way.

There's a natural (and probably good) tendency to idealize those who have passed away, but even while she was on her mission and at BYU afterwards everyone always said she was pretty much the sweetest girl in the world. She also had a lovely goofy sense of humor; you know, the kind of person whose facebook profile includes this in the "About Me" section: "I think that toilet paper is overpriced." Or who learned--phonetically--how to say "Your mother dresses you in funny clothes" in Estonian to (jokingly) tell girls in Estonia who wore ridiculously skimpy clothes even when it was freezing outside. Though she also loved to be edgy, embracing a hint of a punk style and singing "Satan is My Motor" in her angelic voice while we did a missionary service project (literally) picking up rocks in the Tallinn Zoo.

She was pretty awesome. She is missed and loved by many. Rest in peace, Jess.

(Also, please don't text and drive...)

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