Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun With Fire!

I have another overly-thinky post in draft form, but even I'm tired of those so I can only imagine that anyone reading these is even more so. So this is an attempt to have a more fun and lighthearted post!

I saw the movie Lincoln yesterday, and thought it was great. One highlight, among many, were the raucous and passionate speeches made on the floor of the House of Representatives. Tommy Lee Jones gets to hurl some really fun insults--and he's the target of his fair share too.

Edgar Allen Poe's room on The Range -- wouldn't you love to
be building a fire in such a room on a cold November night?
Also, tonight I get to build a fire! In one of the old-timey apartments adjacent to the Lawn at the University of Virginia! I want to write a song similar to The Rainbow Connection but about fires. "Why are there so many / songs about fire / and what's on the other side?" etc.* That probably won't happen tonight.

The point is: have a fun pre-Thanksgiving evening!

* As Molly Mormon Democrat has pointed out to me, though, there actually aren't all that many songs about rainbows. Which turns out to actually be the case when you look at the hard data. But let's not be party poopers on a happy post! ;)

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