Thursday, November 22, 2012

The God Who Weeps, aka I Heart The Givenses

Fiona and Terryl Givens
(picture courtesy of Mormon Stories)
Today I listened to an absolutely brilliant* interview with Terryl and Fiona Givens, co-authors of The God Who Weeps, a new book about five of the most compelling theological insights Mormonism has to offer. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This long Thanksgiving weekend would be a great time to sit down and listen to it (it's two and a half hours long, but trust me, this is worth it).

I gush-blogged earlier this year about getting to meet these two wonderful, lovely people. This interview is just more pure gold. First off, I will confess: I want their marriage. They are just so well-matched and evenly-yoked and play off each other's (very different) personalities, and that really comes through in this interview. Second of all, their honesty is so refreshing. Sadly, I guess that implies that I feel like Mormon culture too often breeds niceness/ignoring problems (something that I'm absolutely guilty of myself). But anyway, the way they talk about the strength they've gained from going through faith crises and doubts is a breath of fresh air. (This also applies to their candid admission that Joseph Smith had plenty of faults, and are quick to point out that God himself tells Joseph in the Doctrine and Covenants that he was chosen specifically because he was weak.) And you can tell that their conviction that the gospel is true and that Mormonism is the purest vehicle we've got for getting close to God is all the stronger for it! Then too I love the story of how this book came to be published by Deseret Book--basically Terryl trashed DB for printing pablum and Sherri Dew heard about it and asked him to write something better that they could publish. Ha! One last thing I loved from the interview was the way they focused on beauty--the beauty of the gospel, truth, the earth, God's love, etc. What a lovely approach to life and theology and everything.
The cover of their book

I haven't yet gotten a chance to actually read the book (though I most certainly will) but I'm still going to recommend it just based on this interview (as well as an awesome Mormon Matters one that Fiona was on (titled, of course, A Beautiful Vision of Mormonism)) and my limited-but-compelling personal interactions with the co-authors. Check it out! Listen to the podcast! Let it all revitalize your love for the brilliance that is Mormonism!

* Between Doctor Who, Sherlock, and now Fiona Givens, I've decided I really need to start using the adjective "brilliant" in place of the generic American "awesome" or "cool" or what have you.

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