Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going in Circles in the Gospel

I feel like I often get stuck in the trap of wanting new, New, NEW gospel insights when I study the scriptures or attend church. I mean, that's what eternal progression is all about, right? If I'm not learning, then what's the point?

And while I'm not saying we should avoid new and different and soul-expanding experiences and thoughts, I also like to remind myself that new isn't the only way to learn. Sometimes going in circles doesn't mean you're not getting anywhere; it could mean you're on a helix (just make sure you're going in the upwards direction of it!).

It's not always trivial to distinguish between a rut and a groove (and some of it might well depend on perspective/attitude), but every once in a while, make sure to enjoy going in circles in the gospel. There is nothing new under the sun, after all, so get to know the things you thought you knew a bit better.

And as a final meta-point, see my previous post about repetition and the gospel.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Romance is Silly--and I Love It

We have funny ideas about this thing called "romance." I remember after the first Spiderman movie came out in 2002 that some of my female friends started talking about how a kiss in the rain is sooo romantic, for example (I wasn't clear on whether the guy hanging upside down or not was relevant to the analysis). Now, I'm obviously sort of poking fun at that idea because, well, watch that scene. It's just silly. But that's how romance is. And that's OK.

(One of) my equally silly sentimentalist notions comes from this song, which just gets me every time:

Especially that last line. A taxi, one of the more mundane and un-romantic of places, is the scene of one of those transcendent moments of breakthrough, soul-to-soul, existential-loneliness-destroying communication. "I love you. You're not alone."

Tingles! (I told you it was silly. But hey, it's real.)

How about you? Willing to share any of your admittedly-manufactured-by-[pop music/summer blockbusters/antiquated fairy tales/whatever other dubious source] romantic ideals?

Friday, April 6, 2012

It Gets Better, BYU edition

This video, and all the others from BYU It Gets Better project, are wonderful. I've been watching them for a good while now instead of doing stuff I'm supposed to be doing. A few common themes: loving the church, thinking that personal righteousness can take away homosexual feelings, depression/thoughts of suicide, personal prayer that brings peace, love, and integrity.

You can't watch this video and not be happy at the progress we're making in the lives of God's children everywhere.