Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honor the Code

My former roommates at BYU put together a rap about the BYU Honor Code. I understand that at least half of the humor comes from knowing these guys, that the chorus is kind of hard to listen to, and that the video is a bit weird, but I think the words are clever and funny enough for me to share it with a wider audience. So give it a listen, and the lyrics are included below.

Just graduated from high school
Now its time to to college
Gonna up my mad IQ
Continue thirstin' after knowledge

So I'm going to the Y
Wanna get an education
Yeah Its kind of like the U
But without the fornication

They got this righteous code
To preserve the students honor,
To block the path of sin
Like the snow did to the Donners

So I studied it up close,
And of course you know I signed it
Now a stain of sin on me?
You ain't never gonna find it

Yo my record's stayin clean
Yeah I ain't no lying weasel
And I always get mad props
Every time I talk to Cecil

Says he knows the code’s important
His generation paved the way
Im lookin at his face
And yo I don’t think that he shaved today

I don’t hesitate to act
Ain't nothing gonna phase me
I've got my spare gillete
And its time for you to shave G


My roommates they don’t get it
Yeah and trash they always talkin'
They wont talk it up so loud
When the Bishop come a knockin'

They say the bish he doesnt scare em
And it ain't all that important
Well I’ve only got two words
Ecclesiastical Endorsement!!

And I always find em sneakin'
Lookin at their nudie pictures
And the only thing I'm reading?
Yo the Ensign and the scriptures

They put on their dirty movies
With the swearin' and the violence
But like Simon n Garfunkle
I prefer the sound of silence

Yeah they go to church on Sunday
Only trying to save some face
But I always go to two blocks
Yo six hours just in case!

The code they always breakin'
Thinkin that they’ll still excel
Well eat drink and be merry
For tomorrow you’re expelled


Now cruising up on campus
Gonna make a good impression
All the honeys stop and stare
At the standards of my dressin'

Yeah I'm always lookin sharp,
To the standards I adhere
I shaved 3 times this morning
My hair's cut above the ear

They know I keep it real
Walk the walk and talk the talk
And that it's always virtue
That be garnishing my thoughts

So all the ladies they be lookin
Trying to find a way to me
But you don’t even have a chance
If that skirt's cut above the knee

So if you think that can handle this
We can take a walk
Or come over to my crib
If its before 12 o'clock

So if you got what I need,
Ima tell ya little story
Its involving me and you
and some celestial glory


When my journey here is through
and it's time to graduate,
I'll be ready for a job
and ready for the pearly gates

So if you think you’ll reach the top,
well you know I'll make it higher
when Elijah comes to get me
in his chariot of fire

If you want to be exalted
Don’t forget what you been told
Be putting oil in those lamps

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