Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Get Married in 12 Months

A friend of mine gave me a checklist of things to do in order to get married in just one year (as well as some words of wisdom at no extra charge). It's tongue in cheek and it always gives me a laugh. So here ya go, Internet!

1) Embrace your nerdiness
2) Realize that everyone is in the business of fashion (i.e., dress and groom well)
3) Take girls out on dates [I think this could easily be emended to taking whoever you want out on dates, regardless of your or their gender--let's not be too androcentric and heteronormative here, eh?]
4) Make out with them when you're both having a good time.
5) Continue making out while getting to know them better
6) Date them when after making out you find out they're not crazy.
7) Marry one of them when you date for like 9 months and you still really like them.

7 steps.
You got this.
Numbers 1 through 4 are key to get the ball rolling.
Numbers 5 through 7 are genuinely tricky.


  1. worked for me! ha. this seriously describes my husband's and my dating relationship...

  2. Every time I followed steps 4 & 5, it ended in a train wreck. Slow and steady and uptight won the race for me. But your mileage may vary, whatever works!

  3. Bryan, are you trying to tell me that my friend's shot-from-the-hip, joking list isn't universally applicable? That seems highly implausible. ;)

  4. Um, duh! this is pretty brilliant.