Friday, April 6, 2012

It Gets Better, BYU edition

This video, and all the others from BYU It Gets Better project, are wonderful. I've been watching them for a good while now instead of doing stuff I'm supposed to be doing. A few common themes: loving the church, thinking that personal righteousness can take away homosexual feelings, depression/thoughts of suicide, personal prayer that brings peace, love, and integrity.

You can't watch this video and not be happy at the progress we're making in the lives of God's children everywhere.


  1. I thought this video would be super helpful to gay Mormons every where but I heard it was met with some resistance by some in the LDS community because it seemed to suggest to them that God is okay with these people being gay and "living the lifestyle" (i.e., having a boyfriend, getting married, etc). Was that message communicated to you through this video? What are your thoughts?

  2. I didn't get that message at all, but I think it all hinges on what people's definition of "gay" is. A fair number of Mormons define gay as being sexually active, or at least not opposed to gay sex even if they're currently living BYU's honor code. For me, "gay" refers to a sexual orientation, or what some Mormons would call same-sex attraction. If you use the former definition, then yes, saying "I'm gay" is an (implicit) attack on Mormonism's position on homosexuality; if you use my definition, then it's just a statement of fact that the church is fine with.

    I think this video will help Mormons realize that being gay is not just about sex. Before this video came out, I would have assumed that most Mormons had the former definition of gay in mind when they heard the word, but given the very positive response the video's garnered among many totally orthodox Mormons I'm now more optimistic that the more neutral, second definition is becoming more widely accepted among Mormons, and I think this video will help speed that process up.