Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going in Circles in the Gospel

I feel like I often get stuck in the trap of wanting new, New, NEW gospel insights when I study the scriptures or attend church. I mean, that's what eternal progression is all about, right? If I'm not learning, then what's the point?

And while I'm not saying we should avoid new and different and soul-expanding experiences and thoughts, I also like to remind myself that new isn't the only way to learn. Sometimes going in circles doesn't mean you're not getting anywhere; it could mean you're on a helix (just make sure you're going in the upwards direction of it!).

It's not always trivial to distinguish between a rut and a groove (and some of it might well depend on perspective/attitude), but every once in a while, make sure to enjoy going in circles in the gospel. There is nothing new under the sun, after all, so get to know the things you thought you knew a bit better.

And as a final meta-point, see my previous post about repetition and the gospel.

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