Friday, December 2, 2011

If I could start just one internet meme...

Here's the thing: I like to talk about politics. I also have a facebook account. Thus I am prone to starting, and often contributing to, those annoying, endless, frustrating, pointless political facebook car wrecks posts. I promise I don't mean to.

The point is: today one (OK, OK--two) got started on my wall, and even after I bowed out, some new participants came along and started pouring--unintentionally I'm sure--proverbial gas on the proverbial fire. Seeing where this was going and not wanting to delete comments (damn you, deeply-engrained First Amendment ethos!) I resigned myself to my fate and just added a comment that read "Oh boy, this [thread] is gonna get worse before it gets better"* and a link to one of my favorite Simpsons moments:

I don't know that it will help any, but I like to think it's clever.

Go ye and do likewise.

* Alteration in original. <-- sorry, but I have to be precise like that. It's an OCD thing.


  1. I support this meme. If I could start one meme, it would be about people mispronouniciating the word "meme." I still have no idea how to say it!