Friday, November 11, 2011

My pre-mission Wikipedia time capsule

I was an early adopter of Wikipedia since I was a geek my freshman year of college (2003-04). Back then, nobody knew about this weird encyclopedia anyone could edit, and there were still plenty of red links to create! It was heady stuff, let me tell you. I created, for example, the article on Pearls Before Swine! Compare my original entry with what it has become today :)

Anyways, I loved Wikipedia, so much so that one of the last things I did before getting set apart* as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in September, 2004, was to create a "time capsule" of predictions about Wikipedia and the world for when I got home two years later. You can view it here. I'm happy to say that my first prediction (that "Wikipedia will have grown in reputation and size to be a serious source of information for the average websurfer. We're talking Wikipedia as a household name.") absolutely came true while I was gone. However, one of them (cough cough my prediction that the Red Sox still would not have won another World Series cough cough) crumbled in under a month of my leaving for the MTC...

Fun stuff, eh? What are your predictions about what the world (or Wikipedia) will be like in two years?

* I created the bulk of the page on September 25, 2004--the day before I was set apart. However, you'll notice that the date at the bottom of the page says September 27 2004: I snuck online the day after I was set apart (when I wasn't supposed to be using the internet), made one more prediction (which didn't even end up coming true), and even had the gall to change the date on it to make my crime more obvious! My guilt must have been immense! :)


  1. So, are more people using linux? I am still enslaved by the MS demon but I don't know if other people have escaped the shackles?

  2. Eh, maybe marginally more, but I think I'd categorize that prediction under one that did not come true :(