Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things Which, if I Were Only Slightly More Ridiculous, I Would Make a Page You Could 'Like' on Facebook:

* that random, sharp intake of breath when you remember a really embarassing moment
* the smell of childhood toys
* pouring the last bowl of cereal from a box and not have it be all crappy and in tiny dust-pieces
* opening a big book directly to the exact right page
* having clothes you got from DI outlast stuff you bought from a real store
* scrapes from climbing trees
* finding a sock that you thought got eaten by the dryer in your shirt when you pull it out of the drawer a week later

If any of these actually already are 'likeable' on Facebook, please don't tell me. I have a very fragile faith in humanity at the moment and that kind of blow would likely be fatal to it.

What are the most ridiculous things you can come up with that would still be plausible 'likes' on Facebook?


  1. This one I actually am a fan of on Facebook: "Barefoot in the grass"

  2. Diana, that is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? I can approve of that 'like'.