Monday, September 13, 2010

C-SPAN: Will you become a human being so I can marry you?

So if you haven't noticed yet, I'm kind of* nerdy. Going along with that, my three favorite TV channels are C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, and C-SPAN3. One of the proudest moments of my life was when whoever my cable provider was in Provo took C-SPAN2 off the air and I called in and got them to put it back on. It's a dramatic story, remind me to tell you about it next time I see you in person.

But this specific PDAific blog post about C-SPAN comes from me just randomly flipping through them while eating dinner today and seeing that next up was video of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf speaking in NYC. His talk was absolutely wonderful, informed, compassionate, strong, and warm. I recommend watching/listening here.

Where else can you get extended coverage of newsmakers speaking in their own words, without a filter? Nowhere. C-SPAN should be your favorite channel too. Unless you don't like news, in which case you should hate it.

p.s. C-SPAN: You really need to make your videos embeddable, c'mon!



  1. So, C-Span and I were having a sleepover and sharing our feelings and She said that embodiment just wasn't for her. It's much better to be a disembodied entity so that she can trace Legislative News, which is, by definition, both everywhere and nowhere. Also, she can split herself into the holy trinity of three manifestations of C-Span, C-Span2 and C-Span 3.

  2. I hope this story has to be told in person because it is accompanied by wild gesticulations.

  3. @Ms. Harris *Sigh* I guess that makes sense. But if she ever changes her mind, the offer's open. As an aside, I like the idea of the C-SPAN trinity. Also, you capitalized 'She' once--do you see C-SPAN as one expression of Heavenly Mother? Intriguing possibility!

    @Merinmel Yes, maniacal gesticulations! Well, more like a big grin on my face. And I think I pantomime the horror that came over me when I realized they'd taken C-SPAN2 away from me.

  4. Geez... I'm starting to feel guilty about my repertoire of C-SPAN jokes. They probably do deserve another chance.

  5. @GMB I dunno--I won't say that watching congresswomen and -men pontificating on the floor of Congress is fun at all. C-SPAN actually has pretty boring stuff on about half the time, maybe more. But man, do they have some good stuff in that remainder! Plus, I love a good joke and I don't think I've ever heard a C-SPAN one. Give us a sample from your repertoire!

  6. The "less than half if actually entertaining and worth my time" rule can be applied to pretty much any television station. C-Span is no exception.

  7. @Ms Harris Very true, I just wanted to qualify my adoration so that it was at least in the realm of rational thought :)

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  9. @Anon Yes, the Quran is a wonderful book, and I too wish people would not disrespect it. Thanks for the links!