Friday, July 9, 2010

No, No, No, You're Not Alone

Feeling alone sucks. Which is why I think the MoHo Map (a MoHo is a Mormon Homosexual, btw) is such a cool idea.

All of the gay Mormons I know have said they felt at some point like they were the only Mormon who was attracted to members of the same sex. That kind of loneliness, as you can imagine, is oppressive. Homosexuality is a taboo topic among most Latter-day Saints except when we're strongly disagreeing with it. I think it is easy to see how a young Mormon guy who finds himself attracted to other boys can easily take that doctrinal position and feel like it is an attack on him personally (and sadly, sometimes our overzealous condemnations of homosexual activity do carry over into explicit condemnations of homosexuals). And feeling like you're the only one exacerbates the problem and too often leads to emotional scarring and/or suicide.

So the idea of the MoHo Map is simple: there are lots of gay Mormons out there. See for yourself! I know a handful of these guys, and each one is a great person. If you're gay or just curious about how many gay Mormons are in your area, check it out. I assume if you're gay it would be reassuring to see, and if you're straight it might be a little weird at first, but trust me, you've known gay Mormons all your life, you just haven't realized it. So let's all be more kind, tolerant, and overall, just a bit more Christlike!

They're working on adding functionality to put friends/allies on the map, and I'll be there to sign up once that happens.

Thanks to Abelard Enigma for the cool pic, and also check out the Moho Directory that he's put together: a listing of gay Mormon blogs that span the spectrum from fully active to fully former Mormon--I'm proud to be listed as a friend of the family.


  1. Hey that's neat thanks for sharing! Sometimes it really *can* feel like you're the only one. It certainly helps to know there are others who have similar experiences. Not to mention those (i.e. you) who may not experience SSA but who encourage a climate that is understanding and supportive. Interestingly enough, the missionaries brought a gay guy to church today. He was friendly and very attentive to the lessons. I had the suspicion that he might be gay. Not in a bad way, just in a "I noticed we might have something in common" way. I ended up chatting with him afterwards, and I dropped a few hints alluding to the fact that I was gay, and come to find out he is too! Anyway, I was really glad we could talk. I am hopeful that our discussion will make it easier for him to address questions of sexuality religion/sexuality as they will surely come up if he continues to study with the missionaries.

  2. @Adam Yes, it's definitely a universal feeling. I don't experience it via SSA, but I get to experience it in my own ways, as do we all. Lucky us! And that is fascinating about the gay investigator you met. The number of gay people who are investigating the church seriously must be vanishingly small, especially now after Prop 8. But who knows, maybe he is a latter(er)-day Darius Gray. I'm sure knowing a gay Mormon will be invaluable to him in approaching Mormonism, so good on ya!