Thursday, April 1, 2010

Touching Bottom

I often feel that life is like floating and swimming in a vast beautiful lake. There's a lot of freedom: you can go with the flow or move purposefully in your chosen direction. But lakes are big and deep and can be overwhelming sometimes. The free-floating feeling can get to be too much, and you just wish you had something solid to stand on, that your feet would touch down on a sandy lake bottom so you could stand for a bit before continuing your swim.

Spiritually (and in most ways, really) I tend to see a lot of gray area. I generally am ok with this and like the freedom and diversity and agency and responsibility that it gives and requires. But sometimes, I need to touch bottom, and just feel a solid reassurance of real, true faith. I got one of those experiences today, and it was sweet. I'm very grateful for loving Heavenly Parents who give me the grace to believe in Them. I feel reassured, having touched down on a wonderful, cozy, sandy, lake bottom. Now I'll swim on.


  1. to this I give a big, hearty, revivalist AMEN.

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.