Sunday, March 29, 2009

Utah's Gay RIghts Failure

I recently wrote an article for BYU's Political Review titled Utah's Gay Rights Failure [update: Internet Archive version] about the saddening defeat of the Common Ground Initiative, a set of bills in the Utah legislature that would have granted some basic rights like not getting fired if your employer finds out you're gay, hospital visitation rights, health care for partners, and the standing to sue in the case of wrongful death. I'm just linking to the article on the PR website if you'd like to read it so that you can also take part in some of the discussion going on there.

Also, I highly recommend Ryan Decker's piece from the same issue called Teams With No Winners [update: Internet Archive version] about blind partisanship, and why it's bad; don't worry, he puts it a bit more eloquently :)

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  1. Austin- I've opened a new blog and included yours on the sidebar. I'm checking in with people to make sure they don't mind my inclusion, and to say, "Hi! Come join me, please?"

    And in a note that's actually relevant to the OP--I think the Political Review is great and hope that it will continue to promote open discourse on campus. Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope