Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random nerdy stuff

Well, I just updated my old grandcentral account to Google Voice. I don't know how much I'm ever going to use it, but it's cool to play around with at least. I even added a little gadget on the right side of my blog there so anyone can call me--and they don't even get to know my number! Hopefully that won't result in anything creepy, but fortunately it's mostly my sister and brother and friends who read this blog (I think) so it should be ok.

Also added a little "followers" gadget on the right-hand side, just for fun.

Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd.


  1. hey Austin,

    I just read your article in PR's google Docs. It is awesome. Good work. I hope it is the cover story. Also, because it is semi-controversial (though it shouldn't be) it will be cool to see all the comments that come about.

  2. Hey thanks, I hope it generates some good discussion!