Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Dear Homework,
I know our relationship has been rocky recently. I've been pretty aloof and absent, and you've been, well, abusive, knocking me around pretty good. But I think it's time we made up. Will you be my valentine? I'll spend my Feb. 14th evening with you, and you only.

Thanks. I think we have a bright future together.


[with apologies to Brook, who has perfected the blog-letter format]


  1. Loved it!!! I laughed very very hard :)

  2. Diana, I'm glad you liked it. However, I am deeply disappointed in the paucity of posts on your own terrifically-named blog. Please remedy said situation. Thanks! Love ya!

  3. biggins. first of all, i hope your valentine treated you well. she sounds pretty rough, although not non-committal (always a good sign). second of all, thanks for the shout out.