Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just kind of a follow-up to my lengthy rant a while back about the US government's warrantless wiretapping program: in that article I mentioned how the Maryland police had infiltrated and surveilled numerous peaceful activist groups. Well, it turns out it was even worse than originally disclosed. Not only is this just more distressing because the problem was bigger than I thought (they were even spying on Critical Mass, a bicyclists' rights group!), but also just because it is a perfect example of how even when the government is caught doing something bad, it still denies as much as it can get away with. It's just the nature of people in power, no matter what side you're on--if you get caught, you minimize the damage, even if that means not actually coming clean about the extent of the problem. It's this sort of opaqueness and dishonesty that irks me, and at the same time makes me skeptical of things like the US finally admitting it has used waterboarding on prisoners at Guantanamo after years of pressure BUT that it was only used on 3 people. Right. How can you expect us to trust you when you lied about using it at all for years? I'm sorry, but I just can't muster that kind of trust in the government, especially not this administration.


  1. eek that makes me sick to my stomach
    ps i love critical mass

  2. Haha I've actually never been to a critical mass. But I hear they're awesome, and I'm in the Provo CM facebook group. Some day...