Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sufjan Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas music, and possibly the greatest Christmas album ever is Sufjan Steven's. I highly recommend purchasing it, it's a great deal to get 42 awesome songs for just fourteen measly bucks. But I decided to include a few videos here of some of his songs from it. I don't think any of them are the official music videos, but I think they're pretty good.

Man, that's good stuff!


  1. I completely agree. I'm not a fan of Christmas music, but Sufjan's Christmas music is awesome. I love Sufjan.

  2. These videos are fun, especially the first one.

  3. hidden: Sufjan is definitely the pinnacle of Christmas music, though I must admit I do enjoy most Christmas songs. At least the classics.

    Riin: Thanks, it was definitely your post that inspired mine. Ja ka peaksid eesti keeles kirjutama, minu eesti keele oskused jäävad tõsiselt rooste. Ma ei teagi, kas eelmine lause on õigesti kirjutatud :)

  4. Just täpselt selle pärast kirjutangi mina inglise keeles, et minu inglise keel rooste ei jääks.
    Ja su lause oli täiesti õigesti kirjutatud. :)

  5. I forgot to explain why I don't like Christmas music. If it were up to my mom, she would listen to Christmas music everyday. However, our family has a rule: Christmas music can only be played from Labor day to Valentines day. So, growing up, for 6 months of the year i had to listen to Christmas music. It definitely got old....