Saturday, December 27, 2008

Previous ties to this blog: zero

Perhaps I'm a horrible person, but I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from reading and making fun of this editorial from the Church News that I read on my mission (I actually taped it up on my refrigerator so my companion and I could enjoy it every day). It is a good message and all, certainly one I wholeheartedly agree with: our service and good deeds can have long-lasting positive impacts on people for years to come. However, I really must take exception to the fifth-grade-esque, ridiculous tone of the whole thing. "Why Norway? Because it was there. And they wanted to see it." I'm sorry, but I will always laugh whenever I think of that line, as well as many others from this gem.

Ironically enough, this is probably the only Church News editorial to have a lasting impact on my life, and I'll probably never forget it :)


  1. Wow! I'm awe. Two of my favorite parts:

    "The next question was obvious.
    'Did you know my grandparents?'
    'Oh yes. What wonderful people.'
    And you can imagine where the conversation went from there."

    "That, we hope you will agree, is a very good story."

    So funny. It probably shouldn't be so funny to me, but it is. I wonder if this person has ever considered writing a script for some kind of film noir movie. Oh my.

    And that, I hope you can agree, is a very good comment.

  2. I would definitely hire them to write more of this stuff, it's golden! Haha yes, I almost put "And that, I hope you will agree, is a very good post" and the end of my post.