Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Wondering

I've noticed that in the Daily Universe (and I assume it's the same in other newspapers) they print the answers to the previous day's Sudoku puzzles. Is it just me, or is that really pointless? Assuming you do Sudoku, either you got them right (in which case you know you did because you can look at them and make sure the columns, rows, and squares all have the requisite digits 1-9), or else you didn't get them due to lack of time, desire, skill, or whatever. In either case, why look at the answers? If you got them right you already know it. If you didn't, looking at a big square full of numbers doesn't tell you how to do it, it just shows you a solution exists. I think we can safely assume that if they put the puzzle in there, it has a solution--though putting in an unsolvable one might be a funny trick to play. But the point is: either way you haven't learned anything. Am I missing something? Does anyone ever care about the answers to yesterday's Sudokus? Should I care that no one should care, yet they print them anyways?

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  1. AGREED. you either did, or didn't. and it still doesn't help you....