Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 Queer (as in weird) Things About Me

I liked this idea from a friend's blog (hope you speak Estonian; if not here's her translation into English) and figured I'd give it a go. So here are 6 somewhat strange things about me:
1. I count steps. Mostly on staircases, though often in between cracks on the sidewalk too. I can tell you how many steps there are up to each landing of the huge stairs south of campus at BYU (I restart counting at each landing, so it's not a total, but I could easily add them all up).
2. I like math. And the more useless and theoretical the math is, the better. Putting it into practice for a real-world situation drains most of the fun out of it.
3. I don't like TV. Anymore, at least. The only thing I watch ever is C-SPAN (only if there's interesting on--not just senators talking to the camera about earmarks in an empty Capitol) and maybe SportsCenter. I do still quote the Simpsons a lot though.
4. I'm a Mormon and a Democrat. I don't think that should be weird, but apparently it is.
5. I read Mormon history blogs for fun (e.g. Juvenile Instructor) despite the fact that I have no expertise in the field whatsoever.
6. I use the Linux operating system (GNU/Linux if you're a purist), Ubuntu in particular.

And yourself? How weird are you? Answer in the comments, or else on your own blog but leave a link to it here.

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  1. Aitäh vastamast! (I actually count steps too sometimes. Nice to know that I'm not the only one.)