Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Get SongbirdSo there's this program I really like. It's called Songbird, and it's basically a web browser (based on Mozilla/Firefox) and mp3 player (a.k.a. iTunes...). It makes it really easy to play music that you find on the web. It just came out with version 0.3 (biggest improvement in this release: tabbed browsing), and while not good enough to become my full-time browser or media player, it is a great idea and it's an awesome way to find new music--it links to a ton of cool music blogs that have cool music you've never heard and automatically adds mp3s on the site you're on to your playlist. Check it out if you're adventurous and a bit computer savvy. Or just go to some of the music blogs yourself, like Hype Machine or Skreemr. And don't worry, it works on Linux too!


  1. austin,

    i downloaded this program, and it is amazing, but i can't beat down the feeling that someone is watching me look up (and sometimes download) all that music. could it be true?

    paranoid android,


  2. Well if someone is watching you, it's not through Songbird, though if your ISP is in cahoots with the RIAA/NSA there's not much one can do. I think the blogs that Songbird promotes are pretty minor in the scheme of things--they're not really the blockbuster artists that sue their listeners--and I like to think that their offerings are covered under fair use too. So I don't worry about it, but there's also probably an off-chance that somebody's keeping track of you. That's the internet for you, eh?